Will Hybrid Wars be more disruptive in future war?

Please answer these two questions in 2 sections using only THE ATTACHED RESOURCES: QUESTION 1 Will Hybrid Wars be more disruptive in future war? Will/How will Hybrid Warfare contribute to creating the “shattered and reordered regions” described in the JOE 2035? QUESTION 2 Forecast: Drawing on the course readings and your own research, craft a concise futures forecast (of a possible or plausible or probable future) regarding Governance and the International System, based on your analysis of and forecast of the long-term and short-term future trends in this area. These are the first two components of your Future Operating Environment Scenario. Note that in undertaking the trend analysis for and drafting your forecast, you should adhere to the guideline that for every year into the future you forecast, you should look back two years in your trend analysis. Thus, a forecast for 20 years into the future will look back 40 years for its analysis of trends.