Why is violence in U.S. Society as “American as Apple pie”?

Why is violence in U.S. Society as “American as Apple pie”? (2 pts., 50 words) Why is there inaccurate violent crime data and who is most harmed by such inaccuracies? (4 pts., 70 words) How and why does the context of violence shape our understanding of it? (4 pts., 70 words) Carefully explain the theory or theories for violence (preferably, but not limited to sociological or criminological theories) as discussed in lecture and the book throughout Chapter 2, in terms of poverty and minority. (5 pts., 120 words) (Bonus: 1 point, 35 words) what theories attempting to explain violence discussed in Chapter 2 clearly don’t significantly or substantially implicate poverty and minority? You can simply list, or explain or do both within the word limit. Combine the book and lecture discussions of “structural violence” (for instance, see, p. 14) and the book and lecture discussions on “collective violence” (see, for instance, pp. 63-68) to formulate a theory of violence, with a preference for explaining non-street crime violence. You are permitted wide latitude here, but will be graded on logic, rationality, thoroughness and even originality. (5 pts., 100 words)