What is the theme(s) of the “The Fall of the House of Usher” ?

 600 word essay General Guidelines for the Literary Analysis Essay 1. This essay will be TYPED. 2. Be sure that you use MLA format. 3. Choose only ONE prompt to write your essay on. Answer it as thoroughly as possible. 4. You will obviously use the story to provide evidence along with two outside sources. I wouldn’t recommend that you use too many sources. Most of your evidence should come directly from the story. 5. Be sure you have a Works Cited Page at the end, listing all of your sources in alphabetical order. Here’s the citation for the story Poe, Edgar Allan. The Fall of the House of Usher. 1839. Example of how to do an In-text citation. It was a dark and soundless day near the end of the year, and clouds were hanging low in the heavens (Poe 1). Use the author’s last name and page number. 6. Absolutely NO plagiarism! You will be caught and will receive an automatic 0. This paper should, predominately, be in your own words. The sources you use should just assist you in providing evidence (support) for the points you make. 7. This paper must be a minimum of 600 words (That doesn’t include your heading and Works Cited Page). This essay will be 10% of your grade. Literary Analysis Prompts Directions: Choose ONE of the following prompts below to write your essay on. 1. What is the theme(s) of the “The Fall of the House of Usher” ? In your thesis, be sure to state the theme and explain how the theme is developed (briefly). In your body paragraphs, give specific examples of scenes from the story in which the author developed the theme along with outside research (if necessary). Do not discuss more than 3 themes found in the story. the theme I want to use is fear