What is the protocol for determining if the cause of the incidents is criminal or not?

 WHAT is the protocol for determining if the cause of the incidents is criminal or not? Explain How would you be required to act with regard to victim management if the situation were determined to be criminal? If criminal acts are suspected how would you identify the time victims from possible suspects? What is the protocol for determining if there is any further danger in the scence? Explain. What equipment and personnel are needed to remove the danger? What equpiment /personnel are needed for on site triage of victims?


Added Instructions

Here is the scenario that goes along with Unit 5 IP.

Answer the questions that was submitted by the scarino:

Order # 20200115211434417.


You are the incident commander investigating an explosion that has occurred in a suburban mall complex. There are approximately 50-60 dead and over 100 injured. An investigation results in the determination that a gas line had been leaking natural gas into the original basement that had been sealed when the mall renovated. During a renovation project where a fountain was being installed, a welder broke through the old basement seal with a burning welding torch  in his had, resulting in the explosion.


A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) detail arrives and relates that they are interested in helping but do not want to assume command. You welcome the assitance and find that none of the FBI personnel has victim-handling skills for mass disaster . You will have to develop a formal protocol to train the FBI personnel.


Additional questions: What is the protocol for establishing a temporary morgue unit for fatalities and identification of the dead by family members? Explain.