We All Know That The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak Significantly Affects Different Business And Service Industries.

Q 1. Research/Google how it has damaged the whole world so far. Then explain different causes and effects (causality) and correlations, both positive and negative. There should be at least highlights of five effects & five correlations. How do you see the future of technology in general and data science in particular? Please support your explanation with references from at least 03 articles/research papers.


Q2. Research and find out the journal papers and/or articles (at least 5) more or better about the prediction on Coronavirus (COVID-19). Write a short paper (no page limit) and address the following questions along with the headings, Introduction, Discussion, findings, and Conclusion. Making a table will save time and it will be easier to read. 1. What are the goals of this study? What was predicted? 2. What are the different types of variables used in the models? 3. What machine learning algorithms did they evaluate? 4. What are the techniques/metrics used to evaluate the prediction performance? 5. Which machine learning algorithm is the most frequently used in these articles/papers? 6. What are the major findings? 7. What have you learned from these papers? Please ensure that each question has the appropriate source cited. Q1 should have between 3-4 sources and Q2 should have at least 5 journal papers or articles. Remember, this in the subject of Data Mining and Data Science.


NB: Q1 should be 2 pages and Q2 should be 3 pages.

Please make sure the writer is someone who understands Data Mining and Data Science so they’re able to explain technological aspects well.