Violence – The Enduring Problem Textbook

a) Briefly, what is your opinion as to which “aids and abets” violence most in American society; the problem of guns, alcohol, illegal drugs, or mass media? b) Most important (3 points), what is your scholarly/learned reasoning or rationale for holding this opinion?—support with issues, theories and data raised by the text and lectures. c) Also important (2 points), if you had vast power in our society, say you were a U.S. senator or a famous moral entrepreneur, what would you do or propose to try to deal with this said problem?—explain in detail, considering practicality and need among other things. (Total 120 words divided between the a, b and c, Total 5 points) a) Considering our historical context from the founding of the U.S.A. to the present, how have guns, alcohol, drugs and media interacted with poverty and minority status to bring about higher violence rates in our society than most civically engaged citizens, law enforcement, or criminologists would want? b) What areas are there where poverty and minority status could criminologically said to be neutral as to having no discernable effect with guns, drugs, alcohol, and media; if so how? [a) is 60 words, 3 points; b) 2 points, 50 words—if your answer to b) is “no areas”, explain that as well]