Trustworthy Leadership Assignment

Attached you will find the article by Caldwell and Hayes (2006) entitled “Leadership, trustworthiness, and the mediating lens”. Please read the article and conduct an analysis addressing the following questions. 1) Define, discuss, and explain the independent variable that were used in this study: A) Leadership Behavior 1) Relationship development 2) Resource Utilization 3) Image Management 2) Define, discuss, and explain the mediating variable that was used in this study: A) Interpersonal Trustwortiness 1) Ability 2) Benevolence 3) Integrity 2) Define, discuss, and explain the dependent variable used in this study. A) Decision to Trust 3) Write a three page minimum APA styled essay analyzing the findings of the study addressing any correlations between the independent variable and the dependent variable. Discuss what role the mediating variable plays. In other words discuss what relationship the independent variable has with the dependent variable. How does the mediating variable affect that relationship. Need Citations/Reference page