Trait Theory (which has largely been debunked) and in other areas Situational Leadership.

I am providing the feedback on the proposal that was turned in, the proposal that was turned in and, the original instructions. I need a better proposal meeting the professors requirements and taking into consideration his feedback. THIS IS THE COPY OF THE FEEDBACK FROM THE PROFESSOR ON THE ORIGINAL PROPOSAL I’m afraid your proposal seeks to boil the ocean. You simply can’t address a topic as broad as you have outlined. There are hundreds of books on various aspects of this topic. And at points you seem to be discussing Trait Theory (which has largely been debunked) and in other areas Situational Leadership. But many books have already been written on Situational Leadership (and I am friends with some of the authors, so you need to be a bit careful about your sources). You need to narrow the scope. Please re-submit an outline that is more focused. What kinds of organizational contexts are you concerned with? What specific questions of leadership methods and practices will you evaluate? How will you relate these to Biblical practices. You can come up with a good project, but right now your ideas are all over the place. THIS IS A COPY OF THE PROPOSAL IDEA THAT WAS REJECTED: Proposed Applied Integrated Project Idea Statement of the problem Leaders that are Christians may have a hard time to implement leadership that is sound and fair for the employees and the organization. Current organizations have a diverse workforce in terms of culture and economic background. Therefore, people are different and may have a different interpretation of communication. Without proper and effective leadership, such organizations fail due to poor coordination. This paper seeks to establish the characteristics of an effective leader from a strategic standpoint. The bible has numerous examples of good and bad leaders. Therefore, this paper will take these examples and align the same to the contemporary organizational setting to come up with strategies that resonate with the Biblical teachings and business practices. Description of the setting Strategic leadership is the ability to make people make decisions and performs with the organization in mind independently. Previous work environments worked under threats and employee intimidation from leaders to attain the required productivity. However, with the change in current business society, leaders have to implement different methods to ensure that there is productivity despite the workforce coming from diverse backgrounds. Some of the key characteristics of strategic leaders include vision, opportunistic, ability to make calculated decisions and open to criticism. Leaders from a Christian spiritual background should use the Word of God as a source of guidance to develop their strategy that can benefit contemporary organizations. Stakeholders involved The project intends to engage the leadership of the organization and people that form the workforce. Effective strategic leaders guide organizations – through the use of the workforce – to attain the set objectives. Conversely, the workforce of contemporary organizations comprises of individuals from different backgrounds. The paper will establish how strategic leadership enhances performance within the diverse workforce through coordination and productivity in an organization. THIS IS THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE ORIGINAL PROPOSAL IDEA: course designed to advance students’ abilities to put learned strategic leadership abilities into practice. Students will complete one of the following project options: a research project; an intervention project; a venture plan; or an applied leadership/consulting project. As set forth in the course description, this integrated project is intended to demonstrate your ability to apply strategic leadership concepts in a practical setting. In addition, regardless of the option selected, there must be a substantive integration of a Biblical worldview. That is, the student must devote at least three pages of the formal paper requirement to define and describe a Biblical worldview on the project or plan. In addressing this major component of the course, you may choose one of the following options: Research Project: this option requires you to research an issue, technique/approach or emerging trend in strategic leadership. Of the four options, this project is most like a graduate thesis paper, requiring an exhaustive review of literature and discussion of practices relating to organizational strategy. In addressing the approved topic, you must integrate key concepts and practices learned in their degree program, providing a capstone analysis and application of strategic leadership. Deliverables: A formal paper (at least 30 pages in length) that clearly and comprehensively addresses the chosen topic. The paper must be supported by at least 15 peer-reviewed sources, in addition to adequate professional and applied sources. At least three pages of the paper must define and describe how strategic leadership can be cultivated and carried out through a distinctly Biblical worldview. This section should be distinguished by its own heading. In addressing the Biblical worldview requirement, at least six Biblical passages must be specifically recognized and discussed within the context of strategic leadership. This section should substantively distinguish how strategic leadership is carried out from Christian and secular viewpoints, respectively through specific examples and applications.