Title: put the main point from the thesis which are courage and determination.Introduction

This is the thesis..Phoenix shows incredible courage and determination over the course of her journey. Title: put the main point from the thesis which are courage and determination.Introduction: must have authors full name + title of the work.. Body paragraphs: parallelism, m ju st follow the order of the thesis. Precision: for short papers have 1 paragraph per point in your thesis. Development: use all examples that support each point. Coherence: list all relevant examples following the order of the story. Topic sentence should be the first sentence of each body paragraph, should specifically relate back to your thesis by giving the appropriate correspondance point from the thesis and explaining what’s being proven.Development: support: put in explanations. Put in evidence/specific examples/quotations from the story, following the order of the story to promote coherence and using a quoted word. And analysts as necessary to prove/develop to prove the topic sentence point. Clincher: the last sentence of a paragraph.should sum up the paragraph or draw a conclusion from evidence presented.Conclusion: first sentence should be the thesis, it should mean the same thing as the original.the supporting points should be parallel ( follow the same order as the original it should redirect the readers attention to what was suppose to have been proved in the oaper.Middle: would summarize or draw conclusions. Clincher: should be the last sentence and make a final point. Work cited: 1 source “Literature for composition an introduction to literature eleventh edition by Sylvan Barnet