This is step Two of order Job348 An annotated bibliography

This is step Two of order Job348 An annotated bibliography is needed- see below Step 2: Conduct Research (Module 7) In order to gain insight into what others have learned about your topic, you will conduct research on the web and at the SAU Library and create an annotated list of resources. For this assignment, you are required to select and read at least five resources (two from your web search and three from your library research) that address your initiative. Web Search: You can research your initiative by using search engines (Yahoo, Google Scholar, Bing, etc.) or by visiting educational/professional organization websites.  Library: Library provides detailed instructions on locating articles from professional journals. You will need to use full-text articles. It is not appropriate to use abstracts for this assignment.  Submit the following: Annotated reference list of at least five resources (two web resources and three sources from the SAU Library) that you found on your topic. Each annotated entry should include the following: The name of the organization and URL (for web resources) and the APA-formatted citation (for library resources) A one-paragraph summary of the information you found about your topic A brief rationale (paragraph) for the selection of each resource Title page, introduction of subject, and conclusion should be included. A reference page is not necessary. By Sunday, March 29th, submit your annotated bibliography of resources for your project. step 2