The United States Marine Corps As An Institution

Students are to present a 4-5 minute speech paying tribute to a person, a group of people, an institution or an idea. The subject may be historical or contemporary, famous or obscure. A preparation outline is not required. This speech should be written out and delivered from manuscript. Students will submit their manuscripts into Blackboard for plagiarism detection and prevention. Background info of me:I am a former U.S. Marine who has seen combat experiences in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I served honorably for 12 years at which point I was medically discharged. I joined the Marine Corps during my high school year and went off to boot camp in Parris Island, SC right after gradauting high school. Up this point I have never really travelled outside of my hometown. The Marine Corps sent to many places across the United States and across the world. It has given me experiences that cannot be learned in everyday life. This is some background about my time in the instituion. If you need more information pertaining to my time in, please let me know.