The Unfinished Nation Volume

Professor instructions Article/Film assignment Directions 1. Create a word document: Do not use google docs, apple pages or other programs. (If you do use google docs, make sure to download your google doc as a word document to submit) 2. Put your name at the top of the document and title it Week 1&2 Article/film assignment. The next week will be week 3&4 ect 3. List the title of the field or article and then write your thoughts on the section. Then do the same with the next one ect. ect. This should all be one document . Double space your document 4. Each selection will require at least 250 words per selection. At the end of each selection, put the word count in parenthesis. For example (250) 5. If you do not include a post or skip it, make a note of that in the document. 6. If you skipped some sections, you can still submit your assignment. Grading will vary based on the completeness of the assignment. I expect you to use standard spelling, grammar, and form. Susbstantial penalties will be incurred if there are multiple issues with the spelling and grammar. I do not want to see “i”, texting abbreviations, ect. This is college. 8. You will upload document by 11:59 on the Sunday September 8th. 9. What am I looking for ? I like to know what you think about the selections I have you view and/or read. Please do not just give me a complete rehash of the section as I already know what it is about. But I do need to know that you now understand the material. I would suggest about 30% sum it up, 30% what are your thoughts, agree or disagree, what there something you were unfamiliar with, was it interesting? And 30% how does this relate to the material we are studying in the textbook or do you see it’s relevance today? I do not grade on your opinion but rather that you crafted a thoughtful reply, given evidence that you have read or viewed the selection, and that you have followed direction, length, grammar and submission .



NOTE: The textbook is the unfinished nation volume 1 by Alan Brinkley eighth edition I have attached a picture, also the professor attached this video on youtube it’s called A biography of America 01 New world Encounters