The review should provide an understanding and insight into the problem and provide a framework for a study

 The review should provide an understanding and insight into the problem and provide a framework for a study. It should point out research strategies and specific data collection approaches that have and are not useful in a similar topic. Differentiate between literature and research. There should be smooth transitions into sections and from one paragraph to another. Introduction A review of the literature should start with an introduction that is untitled. Provide an orientation to the purpose of a study and refer to the topics to be covered in the chapter. The order of topics is from the global view to the specific. Generally, one paragraph is sufficient.A second paragraph should include how the review was conducted, the search engines utilized, and key words used to locate material. Use subheadings as appropriate. (APA, 6th ed). Based on the literature you have gathered, identify the three or so “big” ideas or concepts related to the topic. Describe the relationship between these ideas. Each of the big ideas you have identified in the literature will become a heading or section of the review. There are three samples presented here. Historical Overview The historical overview provides information and context for the topic. Depending on your topic this may be very brief. Relevant Theoretical Literature In this section discuss the theoretical framework(s) that underpin the topic. For example, a specific behavioral theory could be the basis for an instructional strategy or behavior modification strategy. Describe the theory and supporting research. Relevant Research Review of relevant research studies related to the project. Discuss the existing knowledge base and identify the gaps in knowledge and make a link to your study. Review research studies that have contributed to our current understanding and contribute to the need for your study. You need to cover thoroughly the research from the last 5 years. Classic research from more than 5 years may be cited as appropriate. You may have several headings related to different educational strategies. Implications for Practice Discuss the implications for educational practice raised by the research and literature you have reviewed. Given what the research says, what does this mean for your school, classes, or other teachers, counselors, or administrators? Summary Provide a brief summary of the literature reviewed and be sure to link to the methodology of your project. Discuss the existing scientific knowledge base for your problem and identify gaps in the knowledge base and make reference or link to your study and methodology.