The Point Of Physical Education Is To Help Students Be Physically Active And Learn About The Importance Of Exercise.

Topic question: The point of physical education is to help students be physically active and learn about the importance of exercise. Does physical education teach students about the importance of physical activity as a human? Is physical education in schools useful or useless? Direction: All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way. The essay is at least 500 words in length. The essay discusses the basic questions listed in the topic question. Major points are stated clearly and are supported by specific details, examples, and/or analysis.   Examples are given to illustrate major ideas Potential barriers, issue or problems are mentioned A strategy for overcoming these potential challenges is developed. The topic of physical education is addressed and your response is thoroughly supported. Organization/Development The paper has a structure that is clear, logical, and easy to follow. The paper is written in the first person and is reflective in style. The introduction grabs the reader’s interest and states that theme of the essay. Transitions between sections aid in maintaining the flow of thought. Examples are given to support statements. The conclusion is logical, flows from the body of the paper, and reviews major points. The paper is formatted according to the directions (12pt font, double spaced)