The Objective Of This Assignment Is For You To Practice Your Critical Thinking Skills Regarding An Empirical Article In Psychology.

 DUE DATE: November 13, 2019. Please submit through Turnitin by 11:00 AM. Please note that 10 points will be deducted for each day your paper is late. Instructions: The objective of this assignment is for you to practice your critical thinking skills regarding an empirical article in psychology. After carefully reading an empirical article in psychology provided by your instructor, you will summarize the article and then provide a critical reflection and analysis of the research study. The article summary portion of your paper should be less than one page. Specific instructions and questions are provided in the module to guide your writing. Please note that you are not required to answer every question that is indicated below, but questions with an asterisk should be addressed. Additionally, you should not answer these questions in a rote manner, but rather these questions are provided to give you a starting point for deeper reflection and analysis. This assignment should be a minimum of three (3) pages in length and should carefully adhere to APA format. Please note that you may write more than three pages (preferably no more than five pages), but three pages is a firm minimum. The instructor, the PRC, and the Write Site are excellent resources if you are needing help with APA format. For this assignment, you do not have to write an abstract.