The Important Role Of Bilingual Children In Early Childhood Education Classrooms

This is a 18 pages literature review paper written in APA style. Make sure the in-text citations and reference page are in APA style. The grammar should be perfect. Throughout the paper chose the articles that talk about minority children in the classroom, like African-American children and how their culture and home values has been seen as non-important in a White English only dominant culture in early childhood school, Indigenous children with all force assimilation in the White dominant American school culture, and Latinos children with their culture and language that are not appreciated in early childhood education environment. Out of 20 references, 2 of the references MUST be from cited extensively from the following sources: 1 reference from the book “Rethinking Early Literacy – Reading and Rewriting worlds”, by Mariana Souto-Manning and Haeny S. Yoon, and 1 reference from Social Policy Report – “Positive Development of Minority Children”, by Natasha J. Cabrera. Because this is a paper about mostly bilingual children in the early childhood education classrooms, most of the content should address the indigenous children (American-Indian children), African-American children, and Latino children. References should be from peer review articles published in prestigious educational journals, mostly within the last 5 years. Please understand that ALL these requirements need to be met in order to have a paper that will serve my purpose. Lastly, the number of references stated are 20, however, you can do more if you have to. Please make sure that this paper has all the parts of a literature review paper: Introduction, Literature review, Conclusion. Thank you.