The content demonstrates team skills in research and creative thinking

Please see the attached document with the article read the article then choose a topic and write a few slides PowerPoint with some pictures use up to 6 sources. (1) delivered too little information leaving the article ineffectively explained, (2) delivered too much article content showing a lack of good critical thinking skills, and (3) addressed the main elements of the grading rubric. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCONTENT The content demonstrates team skills in research and creative thinking; presents a cohesive array of main points that tie back to the topic; sources cited at the end in APA format The creative presentation included all team members, length appropriate to the assignment, adding interactive elements, topics delivered in good English form with a clear and concise flow of speakers and materials. Maintained audience attention. Power Point or Prezi design and content displayed with attractive and effective design in a font that is clear and easy to read, graphics showing professional appeal, provided additional sources beyond those presented, integrated additional electronic technologies such as survey, you tube, etc