The Constitution Of The United States Of America

Research paper De’Shaun Hall Professor Willams HIS 210 1/25/20 The Constitution Of The United States of America Try planning the laws that would structure the government of the entire nations. A few people took the route in 1787 on behalf of The Untied States Of America. To find one document that would hold ALL the laws and instructions for how the government should function. They had they final draft they did do a vote, There were 13 states at the times 9 of them had to ratified the constitution meaning they would agree to it before it came official. In 2017 that was the constitution we lived by. Back in 1775 when the second continental congress met back in Philadelphia, the gathering of delegates planted the first seed of order that they hope to get it from King George. The seed was a document called the article of confederation a plan on how the U.S should operate that powered the Newborn nation through the Revolution war but unfortuenly it didn’t go well