Texas Government

Unit 1 Discussion: Ch 1: 1) Describe Texas Political Culture including: One Party State, Provincivalism, and Business Dominance 2) The 4 Sections of Land including: Gulf Coastal Plain, Interior Lowlands, Great Plains, & Basin and Range Province 3) Explain the 4 major ethinic groups’ experience as Texans: Whites, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Latin Americans 4) Explain Urbanization and the major characteristics of the 4 major cities of Texas: Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Area Ch 2: 1) Give a small timeline of each of the Texas Constitutions 2) Describe the final constitution, including each article (just with a small description) Ch 3: 1) What role does federalism play in Texas Politics? 2) How has federalism changed over time? 3) Explain the difference between dual and cooperative federalism 4) Explain coercive federalism and the role it has played in Texas state politics 5) Analyze the role “independent state grounds” has played in our state’s political system