Technical, institutional, policy, or societal aspects of transportation

The topic chosen for the research project (paper) may deal with the technical, institutional, policy, or societal aspects of transportation security and safety from an emergency management perspective. The topic will be selected in consultation with the instructor and the final selection will be with his approval. In selecting the topic, the students should think beyond presenting simply a historical or a literature survey. The goal is to think of what new ideas and innovative solutions can be added to a particular topic. The project paper should be written in the student’s own words, with careful attention to proper citation of sources. For the research project, every student will conduct an effort aimed at identifying factors that influence transportation system security and safety problems and innovative solutions/countermeasures, which might address the problem. The students can choose a topic that is of interest to them and it can be a project that you are currently working on or intend to possibly explore at a later date (i.e. graduate school, thesis). The paper should be 6-8 pages (12 point font, double-spaced, etc) and contain a minimum of five references. All final paper submissions should be done via the TurnItIn link located below.