Survey a strategic leadership team

Paper 3: STRAT Survey STRAT Survey: Survey a strategic leadership team (SLT) of which you are a member (or a client organization) using the STRAT survey by Hughes et al., and interpret its results in a managerial report. After reading this unit’s assigned Appendices, download a copy of the STRAT survey (27 question version). Send this survey to a manager as an attachment to an email to let him/her see what data you wish to collect from his/her team. You may collect the data face to face using hardcopies, or collect the data via the internet via a service such as (Links to an external site.) or Google Docs. Aim to collect 6-12 surveys from one department. Have the manager send out a notice you write up with a URL to open the survey and also a reminder the day before it is due. You should give people 3-5 days to complete the survey. Follow the instructions in Hughes, et al., Appendix C to prepare and score the survey (conducting a separate debriefing meeting is not required). Use Microsoft Excel or Google Docs to tabulate the data, calculating rank, average, and standard deviation (SD). Return a statistical report to the SLT members with a written summary that shares (a) the purpose of the STRAT survey, (b) this team’s top five and lowest five questions, (c) a full table of their results, organized by columns, namely, national Rank, national Norm (from Appendix D), their Average, their SD for each item, plus the full STRAT question (as shown in Appendix D); (d) conclude your report with specific questions they could use to discuss their results, whether questions of difference by team members on specific questions or questions of consensus on how to strengthen the team’s approach to strategy. Combine your completed project in one file, with the STRAT report/memo, preceded by a copy of the cover letter you will send to the team leader, plus lessons you learned about building up strategic teams (address this section only to your instructor). The report should range in length from 5-7 pages.