Summarize Question (I) And (Ii) From The Readings And Answer (Iii) Detailed Below

The federal report 2018 Update on Prisoner Recidivism: A 9-Year Follow-up Period (2005-2014) focuses on recidivism and contains discussion of recidivism among drug offenders. The federal report Drug Use, Dependence, and Abuse Among State Prisoners and Jail Inmates, 2007-2009 focuses on drug abuse and dependence among incarcerated criminals and contains some discussion of offenders who were using drugs at the time they committed their offense and/or committed an offense in order to get money to purchase drugs. Write an essay which briefly summarizes (i) drug abuse and dependence among incarcerated persons, (ii) recidivism among persons released from prison, and (iii) YOUR VIEWS on the best means of reducing recidivism among persons who abuse or are dependent on drugs (i.e., should persons who abuse drugs be locked up for longer periods of time or should persons who abuse drugs be put in treatment rather than prison or should the U.S. simply legalize drugs such as marijuana and cocaine). NO outside sources only sources that can be used are the two reading attached and the direction attached