Stress Management

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According to the scanerio, the behavior among the opposite gender police partner that the affect the culture of the patrol /unit is proffesional partner, there was misconduct or tolerate behaviors of male or female. “rank and file” police in the Queensland Police Service”. in this situation is against strategies of providing ethical conduct among police officers that is discussed. According the study, the danger can arise police partner that have intimate relationshipbetween partners is relationship between tatical officers and their romatic partner. Phase I attachments organizations and operational police stressors. Stress stemming from tactical policing such as social isolation and increased work responsibilty often spill into affect personal relationship. (3) appropriate policy that measure to help alleviate type of situation. (give me (3) appropriate policy or change these.) (1) policy to reduce unemployment , (2) job relate viloence. (3), Keeping all firearms appropriately stored/lock. How can these dangers act as triggers of stress? Answers: These police officers are in a stressful situation patroling thses streets and handling some dangers situations in the streets command by their chief. Stress is the body response to harmful situation, if they’re real or perceived. The trigger of stress is the course of action someone or someperson body way respond to some type of demand or threat. It can lead to chronic stress the nervous systems in not exact good at see between emotional and pgysical risks. Fully justify your policy measure with regard to the survival of a traumatic event Answers: Trauma is define as distress events, that will have long last system answer to fill intergrating understanding about trauma into policy. in this case, the traumactic stress indication and material use. Trauma experience introduce clinical and medical history. Arrange imperpersonal interview, assessment measure. Trauma sympton can guide to substandard engagement in therpy, early termination. Many Screenings can also stop misdiagnosis.