Stress Management

 In this case, the partner was a proctector of all the day care children that effective by the” Tornado Alley”. A caregiveer, babysitter, or nanny was involved in the case. The patrolman in the case, was patroling the rural area before a tornado touch down in the north end of the city/town. Why are these relationship important in this case? The relationship is important in this case is because these children was in the hands of a daycare provider and seeking for shelter before the tornado touch down in the town (north side). They were parents of the children was saddness of this devastated of this situation. The children was injured or decrease in the tornado touch down. The behavior of the sheriff department in this case was in stressful situation. There are the need of the sheriff in this case, need to a positive attitude while on the job. Difficult or complex task in this situation, work overload, under time pressure. And long hours worked and overload pressure.