Singles & Cohabitants

ASK 3 PEOPLE: Singles & Cohabitants Ask 3 People: Singles & Cohabitants – Interview 3 People (include their demographic profile) Side Note: I’m a Gay Male There have been many changes in relationships outside, before, and after marriage. More people are electing to stay single longer, cohabitate, form same-sex households, and not marrying at all (Benokraitis, 2015). For this exercise, ask 3 individuals four of the following questions and summarize their key points in your writeup. Compare-and-contrast your personal perspective with their views. Define each of the terms for your participants using your e-text chapter. Select 4 Questions: 1. Is there an ideal age to get married? Is there an ideal marriage partner? Explain. 2. Why are many more Americans choosing not to marry or postponing marriage? 3. If you are single, do you live alone or with a roommate or family member? Are you single voluntarily or involuntarily? Explain. 4. Do you believe in any of these forms of cohabitating – dating cohabitation, premarital cohabitation, trial marriage, or substitute marriage? Explain. 5. “Most people live together because they’re unwilling to make a long-term commitment or are uncertain about whether they want to marry.” How much do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain. 6. Do you believe cohabitation leads to better marriages? Explain. 7. Do you believe most Americans favor or oppose same-sex marriage? Why are same-sex marriages so controversial? 8. Do you know the differences between marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships in your state, region, or country? Exercise Short-Essay Format: This short answer must be at least 750 words or 3-4 pages in length (not including cover and reference page) and must be double-spaced, 12-point font and submitted on a Microsoft Word document through Turnitin. Only Turnitin submissions will be accepted. Introduction What is the Title and purpose of the exercise? How is this short-essay organized? Content – Demographic Profile of the 4 Participants, share your results for the four questions and provide a comparative analysis. Conclusion – What did you learn or discover as a result of completing this learning activity? Citations. If you use resources other than course materials, please cite that reference appropriately using APA style (author, date).