Share ideas for jobs in business management major that connect with the community partner’s industry

. Share ideas for jobs in business management major that connect with the community partner’s industry. 2. Present two different jobs that are currently posted in Dallas. If job postings in Dallas are limited, use the state of Texas, or even the United States. Use specific job postings for real jobs. 3. Give a highlight of the job responsibilities from each job posting (don’t read the list, instead, give us an overview of what the employer is seeking). 4. Suggest 4 interview questions that will be used in the job interview to assess skills related to one of the listed job responsibilities. You can think of this as a career fair with an interview twist. This would be the idea – Hey folks, there are great jobs in Dallas that relate to the environment. This is a sample of the actual responsibilities listed in the job posting. This is a sample interview questions that you might experience in an interview for that job.