Self control, this speech requires a formal complete sentence outline.

Topic: SELF CONTROL This speech requires a FORMAL complete sentence outline. You must submit online a typed, complete sentence, “working” outline with Works Cited attached. I should be able to read your outline word for word and completely “hear” your sentences.   The assignment is to help your audience understand what your research says about “SELF CONFIDENCE” so that you and your audience share the same understanding of the topic. I like to say, “Make your abstract concept concrete.” By that, I mean to inform your audience of what your topic represents so that they have a clear understanding of what your topic means. The goal is to find shared understanding in your explanation. Wikipedia is never an acceptable source. Your speech should focus on explain “what” something is, “how” something works, “when” something occurs, “where” something exists, “why” something is necessary, “who” represents or is credited with creation of this concept.  You will need minimum of two academically acceptable sources for this speech. You will cite these sources during your speech (oral citation), show these in your complete sentence outline (internal reference), and submit them as your Works Cited (bibliography) using MLA or APA citation format at the end of your outline. Your sources need to be verifiable and published college-level information. Online sources are acceptable as long as they are verifiable and published as college-level information. You will be able to find many sources that you can cite in your speech; two are required, but you are welcome to have more. Here are some reliable and credible online resources that you may use: (If you don’t see your topic in one of these, then try another. Not all topics are in each resource. Keep looking!)  * Encyclopedia Britannica:   (This is the ONLY encyclopedia accepted as a credible source for this course.) * ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher: * GALE Opposing Viewpoints:;jsessionid=12B48C4D4C6A17B1A538B425403FCEBD.omni_as03?userGroupName=txshracd2500&prodId=OVIC&authCount=1 * New York Times: * Public Agenda: * US Environmental Protection Agency: * St. Ambrose University Library Hot Topics: * Research Gate: * iSeek: * US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health: * Lexis Web: * If you need to search outside of the libguide sources, use to help you determine if your source is credible. Your Works Cited Page : You may use  or another citation engine to help create your citations. Be sure you select MLA or APA style when you generate your citation.