Select At One Specific Public Policy Issue With Which The Business Or Association Is Concerned, And About Which You’ll Write.

Select at ONE specific public policy issue with which the business or association is concerned, and about which you’ll write. 3. If you selected an interest group/association, gather information about: a) the association’s name, location (which MUST include New Jersey), phone number, web page/address, e-mail address, and social media presence, b) the group’s membership and membership trends including ethnic/racial data, c) its political environment (i.e., governmental departments, interest groups, and politicians) relative to that issue, d) the interest group’s political activities (much must including lobbying efforts) concerning the issue, e) the likelihood of the success/failure of its lobbying efforts and therefore achieving its policy goal and, f) the impact of any ethnic/racial issues which may impact that outcome. Note: Do NOT include the group’s/association’s overall general interests or purposes. Focus on one specific (and current) political goals. . Write at least a 5-7 page typewritten paper that describes your findings. Be certain to use data, graphs, charts and other quantitative information throughout your report. All the data should be explained in prose. In addition to the minimum of 5-7 pages of findings, add a page(s) of endnotes and an additional page(s) of bibliography. Use the MLA format, double-spaced, Times-Roman 12 font and only left justify (do not right justify). Do NOT provide a cover page for the report. Instead, place your name, the course title, and the date in the upper left hand corner of page one. Remember to number the pages.