Science Was A Man Driven World And Women Didn’t Get Credit Until Much Later,

Research Paper You are required to write a 10-12 page paper on a topic of your choice. The topic must be submitted and approved by the instructor before you complete the paper. All topics must be non-US topics as well as topics that are set back in history at least 30 years. This assignment requires you to first to critically analyze primary resources and then to research related secondary sources as you develop the paper. It provides you with the opportunity to develop research and writing skills as well as synthesize knowledge about an important subject. There are 5 parts to this assignment. Topic (10 points): Consider an issue relevant to the course and have instructor’s approval of the topic. All topics must be non-US topics as well as topics that are set back in history at least 30 years. Construct a thesis statement and submit it along with your topic to the appropriate Discussion Area topic during Week 2. Thesis, Outline, and Bibliography (30 points): Submit your revised thesis and an outline of the paper along with your bibliography to the appropriate dropbox during Week 4. Identify and use at least 6 examples of primary sources (letters, diaries, publications, etc.) related to the issue Consult a number (at least 6) of additional secondary sources that help develop the thesis NOTE: Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable primary or secondary source! Rough Draft (120 points): ​Your Rough Draft is due in the appropriate dropbox during Week 6. This Rough Draft is to be a complete paper. This draft should have a clear thesis statement, full development of the paragraphs and sections from the outline as well as all of your footnotes and references to the sources. This draft will receive reviews from your instructor as well as from 2 assigned classmates. With this in mind, the draft needs to be top-notch so that the readers can understand your argument and the use of sources. This will allow the reviews to provide you with substantive and helpful comments. While there is not a ‘rule’ on how much citation is needed, in general, 2+ footnotes are needed per paragraph to fully utilize your sources in the support of your argument. Peer Review (50 points): During Week 7, you will review the Research Papers of 2 assigned students. For each review, you will use a chart as a structure for this final critical review. The review must be posted in the Discussion Area in Week 7, with the author’s name attached to the Subject line. The Peer Review itself is a narrative that considers all of the following evaluations. The guidelines for this Review are under the Content Area Week 7 – “Peer Review Guidelines.” Final Paper (240 points): This must be submitted to the appropriate dropbox by Wednesday of Week 8. Include an introduction, body, and conclusion Include 6+ primary sources and 6+ secondary sources Elaborate on major points with a degree of specificity Avoid spelling errors, improper grammar, flawed punctuation, and awkward language Includes 10-12 pages of fully typed text, using one inch margins, double spaced, 12 point font, approximately 250 words per page Use the Chicago manual of style consistently and correctly for your footnotes. Add a bibliography—with proper citations.