Review Momentum and Metropolitan’s Merger: Authentic Transformational Leadership

Review Momentum and Metropolitan’s Merger: Authentic Transformational Leadership (Scheepers, C. & Swart, S., 2015): Unit 5.PDFPreview the document In a 7-8 page paper (not including title page, abstract, references and exhibits), address the following elements, identifying each one with a major section heading and subheadings as needed: Critically evaluate whether the MMI Holdings merger was a true merger by referring to the literature on mergers and acquisitions. Perform an analysis of transformational and authentic leadership by noting the impact of various influencers during specific stages of the merger process. Referring to Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change, analyze the effectiveness of the merger process and recommend how Kruger might derive value from the next phase of integration. Provide a Biblical perspective on your analysis. Offer specific Bible verses to support your comments. As you address each section, be sure to apply specific concepts and practices from the assigned readings for Units 1-5. In developing your response, you must leverage at least three sources, two of which must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed publications. Although you are encouraged to conduct your own research, you may include the text as one of the scholarly sources. Provide your responses in an MS Word or PDF-formatted document, using specific section headings to differentiate each answer by question number/title. The response should be formatted as a double-spaced document with a title page, per APA Guidelines. Please do not provide block quotations from the case study, rather, provide your own summary and analysis of the case.