Reinforcing America’s traditional tools of diplomacy, the Department provides military options to ensure the President and our diplomats negotiate from a position of strength

Please follow the directions thoroughly and use the attached papers as a basis. In fact, please copy and paste the “futureoperatingscenariomils620” into the the paper. So, you should only have to write 7 pages of information (please see the elements in the directions—it should be element 7). So, in total there should be 15 or so, however, your only providing seven pages to satisfy the other requirements. Thank you soo much. Also, please use the references in the attached papers to include Joint operating environment 2035 Component 2 – National Security White Paper: A national security white paper is a position paper for policy- and decision-makers (i.e., the President, National Security Council, and Congress) that advocates a concept for national security. In this case, you will be recommending an appropriate National Security Strategy to address the environment and threats you have identified in your FOES. Your National Security White Paper will provide: 1. a review of current U.S. national security strategy and policy along with current conceptualizations of the future; and 2. your conceptualization of the future operating environment and an effective National Security Strategy for that environment. Required Format and Content of Each Section of the National Security White Paper Title Page: The title page must include the title (i.e., A U.S. National Security White Paper), name, course name and number, and professor’s name. Executive Summary: This is a succinct synopsis of your paper that presents a succinct overview of your topic, problem statement, purpose, and recommendation; 1 page (not part of total page count). Introduction: provides an overview of the topic, a concise synopsis of the issues, a problem statement, and your statement of purpose (i.e., to reconcile the future threats identified in your FOES with an effective National Security Strategy to address them); 1 page. Current Strategy and Policy: This section provides a summary of current national security strategy and policy; 1-2 pages. Current Conceptualizations of the Future: This section provides an analysis of current conceptualizations of the future (i.e., what others have said/are saying about the FOE); intent is to review what JOE 2035, UK MoD, and Burrows Report have presented about the future to serve as foundation for your own FOES; consider using the same framework used in the FOES (i.e., technology, the international system, governance, and conflict) to help with establishing continuity between these two sections; 2-3 pages. Your Future Operating Environment Scenario: provides the results of your research on and analysis of a possible, plausible, and probable future in the form of the revised and improved FOES you wrote for your first writing assignment. This section presents your best guess as to what you believe will characterize the FOE; 5-7 pages (from writing assignment 1 in the course). A Recommended National Security Strategy: provides your recommended National Security Strategy to address the challenges and threats of your revised FOES that addresses the challenges and threats of your revised FOES and provides a persuasive argument for how your recommended NSS will effectively address your FOES based upon credible evidence presented logically; 5-7 pages (can be longer if it needs to be) Conclusion: provides a concise summary (i.e., in 2-3 pages) of: The major future major national security challenges and problems you identified in your FOES; Your recommended National Security Strategy; Your recommendations on how to transition from the current strategy to your recommended NSS to most effectively meet the future challenges you have detailed; this is your proposed way forward that you want policy makers to adopt.