Reflection On Healthcare Career Field

Reflection Journal #2 Purpose: We focused last week on peer review, an activity that you’ve surely engaged in throughout your college careers.Peer review can be tremendously helpful when both writer and reviewer are committed to the process and everyone is “honest.” Peer review can be a waste of time if the writer hasn’t prepared as complete a draft as possible for review and isn’t open to honest comments or if a reviewer is reluctant to share honest, sometimes potentially “painful” evaluations of the writer’s work. Instructions: We are going to assume that we did it right, however, and based on that assumption, we are going to think about whether the peer review process, whatever it might be called, is a transferable skill: will something like peer review be a part of your professional lives? In a reflective response, please comment on the idea that peer review of some sort might take place in your future career field.● If you already know what professional field you intend to go into, you might know what sorts of review processes exist in that field. If so, please describe them and think about how classroom peer review might prepare you for that task (either as a reviewer or as the person whose work is being reviewed). Career field is in Healthcare. 1-2 double-spaced pages, 12-font, Times New Roman