Reading & Writing Assignment: Betty Wood Book Chapters 3-5

Book is -The Origins of American slavery Freedom and Bondage in the English colonies by Betty Wood Chapter 3: How and why did the English settlement in the Caribbean eventually turn to West African slaves for their labor source? What steps did the English take to control the West Africans brought to Barbados? What was the connection between Barbados and the Carolina colony? On what basis did John Locke, whose theories were found in the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina, justify slavery? Chapter 4: With the expansion of tobacco cultivation in the Chesapeake, why did the English not turn to Native peoples for a labor force? Between the 1640s and 1680s, how did the labor force in Tidewater Virginia (the Chesapeake region) shift? Who made up the bulk of the labor force until the 1660s-70s? How did the status of African people in the area change by 1700? Chapter 5: New England was settled by Puritans who wanted to create a “Godly” community in North America. As a religious people, how did the Puritans (and later Quakers in Barbados) justify enslavement of West Africans?