Planning and implementing a time-management strategy is critical to academic and professional success.

Do not forget that your initial thread in reply to my post must be submitted by Wednesday with a minimum of 150 words; and when replying to your classmates, your minimum word count is 50 words. You must also reply to at least two classmates. There is a word count at the bottom right of your text box. If applicable, please cite your references in APA format. Part A: As we all know, there are only 24 hours in a day. Planning and implementing a time-management strategy is critical to academic and professional success. Discuss ways you can manage your time more effectively paying special attention to your daily routine. Part B: Career planning is an ongoing process and should take into account your skills and personal interests. After reviewing the Webinar: Best Practices for a Successful Job Search, summarize your career action plan. Discussion Board Primary Post Due by Wednesday: The primary discussion response must be submitted by Wednesday evening of the course week for full credit consideration giving you a full 4 days. Not submitting the primary response by Wednesday evening results in a 10% deduction for the discussion grade. Yes, you can submit the discussion late during the course week. No discussions will be accepted after the course week closes. Two opportunities exist regarding discussions: First, to increase your learning about the topic, and second to have a strong near-real time interaction with your student peers and your course facilitator. The later you post in the course week the less interaction and feedback can take place between all of us. EASY EXTRA CREDIT from dr. Lou: Extra credit can only be earned if all of your required discussion board responses meet the minimum requirements. If that is the case you can post extra peer responses for extra credit. You can post up to 5 extra peer responses above the minimum requirement and they must meet the minimum requirements and actually discuss the content just like your required peer responses. Help in the discussions: For students that post early sometimes I respond to your discussions suggesting opportunities for improvement if I see something that needs to be fixed. This gives you the opportunity to repost your primary discussion to increase the quality of your response before it is graded. The above should help everybody be successful in this course. The above extra credit is not mandatory however I am doing this as a favor to help everyone. The above is my way of helping you if you miss assignments or do not do well on some.