Philosophy Of Ethics

Please see the attached file and answer by writing short sentences answering the question below! 1- Assignment 1 Sources for Concepts of Right or Wrong In the chart below, write in illustrations or examples of drawing concepts of right or wrong from the sources. The instructor assigns a higher point value to illustrations or examples different from those given in class Sources of Concepts of Right or Wrong Illustrations or Examples of Concepts of Right or wrong from the Sources 1.culture 2.traditional 3.Religion 4.Natural law 5. Observation 5. Philosophies 6. Self – interest 2- Unit 1 Session 3 Assignment 2 In the following descriptions of persons and their work, indicate the disciplines in which they function and then in the space provided indicate the main difference in the work of these individuals and one committed to the discipline of ethics 3-The Work of Persons Disciplines Martha works in the area of public safety designing traffic regulations that reduce accidents George seeks to understand how membership in Girl Scouts influences the behavior of young women Betty studies the pottery and weapons left by the peoples of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico to understand the ways these people lived Bob seeks to understand the difference in the ways children of single-parent families and the children of two-parent families handle finances Robert spent one year living with the Balinese people to understand the meaning of their ritual dances Patricia studied the difference that an increase in minimum wage laws made in the society in the years 2019-2020 Frank traced the events that led to the Pandemic of 2020 – 2021 Peggy followed the discipline of Ethics. What would Peggy have noticed in her studies not necessarily covered in the work of persons in the first part of this assignment? U1S3 Discussion Board 2 Man and Police Officer Complete Discussion Board 2 according to the instructions (see slide 3). Remember to write our opinion—the policeman did right the policeman did wrong. Then indicate why you think as you do. You cannot be wrong as it is your conclusion and good people will be on both sides. Later, when you can see the statements from other students, respond to them as to why you agree or disagree with them and indicate if the other student’s answer help you in your thinking