paternalistic law or policy that interests you, and which involves health in some way.

. The exam consists of SIX questions. However, you should only answer THREE of them.
2. Each essay should be between 500 and 1000 words. I won’t penalize you for going over, though please make an effort to
be concise as is possible, given the material. Basically, make things “as simple as possible, but no simpler.”
3. Direct quotes from the book or handouts can be cited simply as (page number or handout name). If you choose to use
outside resources, please use a standard citation style (such as APA, MLA, or Chicago), and provide a full citation. As a
rule, no more than 15% of your paper should be quotes.
4. Please don’t use the words or ideas of others without proper attribution. Please see the syllabus for details on the policy
regarding plagiarism and academic integrity. I regularly use to check for plagiarism or related issues.
5. Since the goal of the exam is to demonstrate how well you understand the class material, you should try to use your own
words and examples to explain what you’ve learned. Essays that simply reproduce the handouts will not receive good
grades. Nor will essays that simply “give your thoughts” on an issue (without demonstrating knowledge of the class
material, and the ability to apply it to novel cases).
6. Please submit your exam as a SINGLE MS WORD file to the D2L assignment folder. Each essay should start on a new
page. I will grade exams on a first-submitted, first-graded basis. Please don’t submit your exam until you are ready for it
to be graded.