Partial Birth Abortions

Is It Constitutional to Ban Partial-Birth Abortions Without Providing for an Exception to Protect the Health of the Mother? You are the Chief Justice of the L.B. Supreme Court and have to write the Legal Opinion on whether or not it is constitutional for states to ban partial-birth abortions without providing for an exception to protect the health of the mother. Be sure to first explain the current status of the law on both abortion and on partial-birth abortion. In so doing, be sure to explain the different types of late-term abortions and what is a partial-birth abortion. You should present the strongest arguments on both sides of the above issue. Clearly label and argue both the “Yes” and then the “No” opinion to this issue. Provide the best legal, ethical, and moral arguments for each side in your answer. Be sure to include relevant case law and any constitutional support for both sides of the issue. You may then give your personal position on the issue. You should include a historical overview of the laws and cases involving abortion. Provide concrete analysis and your opinion as to what are both the strongest legal positions, as well as the best ethical arguments on this topic. Provide a List of References at the end. Break down the paper into sections and labeling each section for organization and easy reading. NO plagiarize Cite all work USE AS MANY SOURCES AS NEED