Pao & Gender Bias (Article)

Pao & Gender Bias BASIC RULES 1. Use APA as a citation source. 2. Write between 2500 and 3000 words. Any kind of plagiarism will be punished according to the Disciplinary Code of South Texas College. 3. You are only allowed to submit one attempt. INSTRUCTIONS Read very carefully the Pao & Gender Bias at and answer the following questions: 1. Was Ellen Pao discriminated? Why? Why not? 2. Does gender diversity benefit Kleiner Perkins? Why? Why not? 3. The opportunities and challenges of Workplace Diversity in Kleiner Perkins. 4. Use two different Normative Ethical Theories to discuss the Pao v. Kleiner verdict. 5. A strategy to improve and encourage diversity in Kleiner Perkins