The main feature of Week 4 is writing your main paper. First of all, listen to the OOH. This paper is only 8 paragraphs. Since each paragraph is only a few well written sentences long, this is do-able. FOLLOW THE RUBRIC. Want to do your best? Follow these tips: 1. If you have not yet found an appropriate article to use for this assignment, contact me today to get feedback. Make sure that you review the requirements for this assignment prior to submitting articles. Failure to find/use an acceptable article will result in failing this assignment. 2. You MUST attach your article to this assignment even if you submitted it in Week two. This is Rubric Item 1. Failure to do this is a 5 point penalty. Please be careful to remember this. 3. Answer the topic in the first sentence of each paragraph, then add 3-4 sentences to support your response. 4. Read each rubric section to be sure you have correct content for each paragraph. Examples Paragraph 1: Paragraph one facts are NOT from your main article. Include a source related to your topic to cite the facts in your introductory paragraph showing why your research question is relevant (this paragraph is where you include your research question). Paragraph 2: Main Article Introduce the main article and give facts as described on the rubric, with at least two facts from the discussion and/or results section. State how these facts tie to your research question. Paragraph 3: Main Article Define reliability and be sure to include what type of reliability was used (see your text). If not addressed, critique this and add what type would be appropriate. Paragraph 4: Main Article Define validity and be sure to include what type of validity was used (see your text). If not addressed, critique this and add what type would be appropriate. Paragraph 5: Main Article Identify two strengths and/or weaknesses of the main article. DO NOT REPEAT discussion of reliability and validity. Discuss other strengths and/or weaknesses in your own words. Paragraph 6: Clinical Practice Guideline source: Find a clinical practice guideline at that relates to your question. It must have information that relates to the role of the nurse. Be sure the Guideline is the most recent version or published within the past five years. (It is true that guidelines are not always updated within 5 years so you will need to discuss this.) Research to learn what Clinical Practice Guidelines entail. Be sure to include the web site used (see example paper for how to do this). Paragraph 7: Fourth Source article See rubric to introduce facts from a fourth source. This can be a how-to article or any related source, as long as it is current and relates to your research question. Paragraph 8: Conclusion. Repeat the PICO question and answer it based on your research. Include your recommendations for nursing practice based on your findings.