Over the last four days, three federal death row inmates have been put to death

Over the last four days, three federal death row inmates have been put to death. Over a year ago, US Attorney General William Barr announced that the federal government would pursue the execution of the first five death row inmates (see the first link for the brief back ground to each defendants conviction and sentence) in over 17 years. For this assignment answer the following issues: Were these case the appropriate use of the death penalty? In each of the three executions, appeals to the stay of execution were petitioned to the US Supreme Court, where each three appeals were summarily denied by 5-4 decisions. A primary reason for the denials were the death row inmates had already exhausted their appeals based on issues raised regarding their trial and punishment. Though these appeals were based on the use of just one drug, pentobarbital by the federal government to execute. Should the Supreme Court have stayed the executions in order to hear further arguments, though the court has already ruled on the issue of lethal injection (three drug combination) as constitutional method of execution? Lastly, in these matters, and as in the case of others, should the death penalty be relied upon as this countries ultimate punishment? As in the case of the federal inmates executed, does it serve that element of retribution and deterrence that has been the basis of it’s usage for centuries? https://apnews.com/5730e863beb5477c96a1b4f2bd6c5ab0 (Links to an external site.) https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/ag-barr-orders-reinstatement-federal-death-penalty-n1034451 (Links to an external site.) https://www.koco.com/article/supreme-court-clears-way-for-execution-of-federal-prisoner-from-oklahoma/33308763 (Links to an external site.) https://www.kimt.com/content/news/North-Iowa-mass-murderer-Dustin-Honken-executed-571804801.html (Links to an external site.) In completing this assignment utilize the materials linked with this assignment and the material provided in the e-text. And the assignment should consist of 3 to 4 paragraphs demonstrated a clear understanding the materials. Due Date: Saturday, July 25th, 2020,11:59PM EST