Organizational Leadership

The paper should also contain the following: 1. Write a minimum of an (8) full page paper that is double spaced and Times New Roman 12 size font. 2. Include a cover page that includes the title, your name, course name, Dr. Emma Miller, and date. 3. Only peer reviewed journal articles can be used from the library. That means you will be required to use your online databases so contact your STC librarian if you are unsure how to access them. 4. You must use a minimum of six references. 5. Make sure you cite no more than 2-3 in-text citations. Emphasis on paraphrasing. 6. Include a reference page using APA format 7th Edition. 7. You will have a minimum total of ten (10) pages. I can do the cover page. Here is a little bit about the restaurant that I’m doing my essay on. You can add if you want. I just turn this proposal page to the professor. Also, attaching some peer articles that I found.