One major challenge when dealing with cross-cultural problems

One major challenge when dealing with cross-cultural problems is that of overcoming parochialism and simplification. Parochialism is the tendency to view the world through one’s own eyes and perspectives. Simplification is the process of exhibiting the same orientation toward different cultural groups. Another problem is that of doing things the same way in foreign markets as they are done in domestic markets. Research shows that in some cases, this approach can be successful, however, effective cross-cultural management more commonly requires approaches different than those used at home. One area where this is particularly evident is human resource management. Recruitment, selection, training, and compensation often are carried out in different ways in different countries, and what works in the United States may have limited value in other countries and geographic regions. QUESTION: What is the importance of encouraging multicultural management at all levels of the Multi-National Corporations (MNC)? How can common assumptions and stereotypes about people in other countries lead to managerial mistakes?