Multicultural Counseling

 A lot of personal areas IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT ME. attached are the questions that need to be answered I will put a brief summary of my self to get this paper done. My family story is somewhat similar to many others, as far as my grandparents migrating from the Dominican Republic to the United States in the late 1900 Which I wasn’t not born yet. My grandparents were received by a family member and immediately began to work. Fast forward a year later they had a one bedroom and had brought over their children and grandchildren. The only thing was they all lived in a one-bedroom apartment. Eventually each person moved out on their own, but a few moved in other units within the same building and others down the street. As this second generation was getting on their feet and starting their own families, it was important to make sure they were close to family so they could receive as much support as possible.  Since then, some has changed but not a lot. My aunts, uncles and mother started families of their own and now we have what we refer to as the ‘New American Generation’. The New American generation is what I am a part of, and it is a bit complicated. We were born in NYC the capital of the world, but we’re raised by parents who grew up in a tiny village in a third world countries. This was a blessing and a curse, bust most days just a curse. A blessing because there are parts of the culture that the New American Generation embraces such as the food, the music and the language. Then there are other things that just don’t fit it into the ‘American way’. Things like: not being able to go away to college because you don’t know anyone there and you should always be close to family, or things like you must speak/ read and write Spanish properly just because.  Growing up this way also proved to be difficult because there was just a lot that the generation before us did not know. They themselves were still learning how to navigate their new life and here they were raising children and just doing the best they could. Homework time was always difficult because of the language differences this meant the children would all have to help themselves and just hope they were learning the material correctly.