look at the attached pdf: Also this is the video to use as well https://www.youtube.com/mit/

The proposal should be at least a one (1) page long (word-processed and double spaced) and contain the
following sections: summary, proposed solution, timeline, budget, and resources (see details below). It will
be graded on your ability to think creatively, generate thorough answers to each of the proposal sections,
grammar and syntax, and overall seriousness and professionalism shown toward the work. Provided correct
reference where needed.
A proposal typically is a tool designed to persuade a customer to purchase a product, or to receive funding
and backing for a new project or program. Used in a majority of industries from corporate America to
academia, a proposal usually is meant to inform the reader of a problem or need, offer a solution, and give a
broad overview of how the proposed solution will work and how much it will cost