Locate a scholarly article covering a topic pertaining to leadership in a global setting.

Locate a scholarly article covering a topic pertaining to leadership in a global setting. This can be an article focusing on an individual (such as a new CEO taking the reins of an international company) or on a broad subset of leadership (such as traits or characteristics required of leaders in an global context). Other relevant article topics might include leadership transitions and emerging leadership crises within nations (such as the 2010-11 crises in Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere). A great example for this first article would be: Moments of Truth: Global Executives Talk about the Challenges That Shaped Them as Leaders (Kallasvuo, Jackson, Humer, Gensler, Petrov, Klapmeier, Cummings, Aluwihare, 2007) from the Harvard Business Review. In a 4-5 page paper (not including title page, abstract, references and exhibits), address the following elements, identifying each one with a major section heading and subheadings as needed: Provide an executive summary of the author’s main points. Critically evaluate the author’s perspective as conveyed in the article. Discuss both affirmative and challenging viewpoints. Analyze the article’s content from a Christian worldview. Offer specific Bible verses to support your comments. Describe at least one concept from the article that you can apply in more effectively exercising strategic leadership (either now or in the future). As you address each section, be sure to apply specific concepts and practices from the assigned readings for Unit 1. In developing your response, you must specifically leverage the textbook as a source as you evaluate and apply concepts from the article. Provide your responses in an MS Word or PDF-formatted document, using specific section headings to differentiate each answer by question number/title. The response should be formatted as a double-spaced document with a title page, per APA Guidelines. Please do not provide block quotations from the article or textbook, rather, provide your own summary and analysis of the article.