Labeling Theory Of Deviance

Respond to two of the below-listed Prompts. Please note that each Prompt may have multiple parts. It is strongly recommended that your developed response for each Prompt has a total length of approximately 250 words using 1- inch margins, double spacing, and a 12- point Times Roman font. 1). Create a fictional character and using the labeling theory process, describe how your created individual acquires a societal master status of social deviant. Your description must include each of the following elements of the labeling theory process .i)primary deviance ii)secondary deviance iii)deviant career iv)social stigma v)degradation ceremony 2). For each of the following questions (a-c), create a brief sociological analysis as your response. You may integrate your responses into a single cohesive essay to facilitate your work. a)How is conspicuous consumption influenced by social interaction? b)How does one’s social class influence the folkways and mores of social interaction within the United States? c)Do you think that the social construction of devianceis influenced by social class? Why or why not?