It has become discriminating to single men, as parents trying to go to college and provide a better life for their children.

My Ppt needs to explain that a single parent is a single parent, genders excluded, and deserve the same assistance programs in college as that to women.. it needs to be a more level playing field in that regard. Here are the guidelines for the paper: Activity Directions In this activity, you will create a capstone proposal presentation. The audience for your capstone proposal presentation is the stakeholders who will assess your proposal for approval at the end of the course– me and the BAS/MDS Program. It is important to establish the need and value of the proposed project. You will also establish your competence to conduct the project by demonstrating your developing knowledge regarding the problem and your plan to complete the project in the established timeframe. To complete this activity, complete each of the steps provided below. Step 01. Create Your Presentation Select an application to create a presentation (such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, et cetera). Create the following slides and write a script for each (you will use the script when recording your 6-7 minute narrated presentation): Slide 1: Title Slide Introduce yourself, the title of the proposal, and the class the presentation is created for Approximately 10 seconds Slide 2 Describe what you are going to do (provide a brief problem description and “How might I/we?” question) Approximately 60 seconds Slide 3 Describe why it’s important or significant for you to address this problem: Why is your project necessary and what it will do? What benefit will the project have? What problems will be solved by your project? How do these problems affect your community/workplace at the moment? Approximately 180 seconds Slide 4 Describe how you will complete the project and resources needed, including: What you’ve found out and what you still need to find out The existing “either/or” solutions that you will work from in order to solve the problem Whether you need surveys, interviews, access to stakeholders Share a timeline (no need to explain it)– a visual resource for the stakeholders Approximately 90 seconds Slide 5 Outline the outcomes or intended results, including the value of this project to your post-graduate goal Approximately 60 seconds Slide 6 References slide For each slide, add some short bullet points that provide an overview of the content. Add images to your slides that support the message of your slides. Step 02. Record Your Presentation Once you have created your presentation, you will need to record it. The way you choose to do so is up to you. One suggested tool is Loom (see the instructions at the bottom of the page). However, the approach you use must allow for the following: A video of 6-7 minutes in duration Show the presentation slides Include an inlaid video of you speaking Ability to upload the recording to the internet Ability to share a URL to the video Note. Be sure to wear business-professional dress for your presentation.