Information Technology Leadership

I have attached a screenshot of the directions. , use this link to view the tweets that will be needed for the directions. , this link is the Simon Sinek “The Golden Circle” that we used in class to begin talking about leadership and models. For questions 6 and 7, these are more personal questions about the person. To give you an idea of what direction to go with this, I am a U.S. Marine who rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant which is a Staff Noncommissioned Officer (SNCO). You can go in and explain Marine Corps leadership and compare it to regular leadership in society. I have been in very diverse situations and they’ve ranged from normal life tasks to on the battlefield. Capture in this writing the transformation that occurs in order to survive in a war or battle and keep your Marines you’re leading safe. for number 8, what drives me is a sense of purpose, belonging, and the continuous opportunity to serve in some capacity…..this should give you a good talking point to write for this question.