Informal Conflict Resolution: A Workplace Case Study

1. The essay must be in APA style, Citations, References. Make sure you cite all your sources which means that at a minimum you should cite the attached document (Case Study). Use at minimum the following theories discussed in this competency: the three types of conflict, the three loci of conflict, and the conflict process. Use all of the information given in the case study. It is quite a lot of information. Use the following questions as a guide but do not resort to just answer the questions in the essay but use them merely as a starting point for your analysis. 1. Describe what happened between Laura and Tim to create the conflict between them at work? 2. What did Tim do to correct the situation and how did Tim’s actions seem to exacerbate the situation? 3. Please sum up the analysis of conflict provided in this case study in your own words? 4. What was the conclusion of this conflict? Using the material in Competency 5 please explain what type of conflict was involved and what the loci of conflict was explaining why you think it is that loci of conflict. I don’t need a coversheet.