Infertility Choices Presentation – The Case Of Juan & Maria

Family Choices Evidence & Recommendations Couple: Mercedes (30 years old) & Juan (32 years old), 3 years married, lived together before marriage for 4 years, both work full-time jobs, and live in a house. Their combined income is $180,000 annually. Both Mercedes and Juan are on Juan’s health insurance. Problem: Infertility Solutions: Provide two options based on research Read chapter 11.5 Infertility pages 314-323 Present a slideshow (e.g., PowerPoint Prezi Canva, etc) or video presentation for the couple on two choice options below. Share the pros and cons of both options. Introduction: Define infertility and the prevalence of this problem. Choice Options to Consider: (Select 2) A. Artificial (donor) Insemination B. Fertility Drugs C. In vitro fertilization D. Adoption Book: Marriages and Families (Subscription), 8th Edition By: Nijole V. Benokraitis